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Custom Home Design

MB Engineering provides custom home design for single family and multi-family projects. Our design experience includes wood framed construction, ICF construction, pole barn houses and barndominiums.  Our designers have experience in both design and construction so you can be confident that strength and stability will be at the core of your custom home design. Our process includes 3D design to transform floor plans into color renderings, dollhouse views and exterior aerial views. This not only helps the client visualize the final construction but also helps in planning for furniture, cabinetry and entertainment spaces.

Our process includes:

Let us design your perfect family home with light-filled spaces, open-concept interiors, and fantastic views. If it’s a vacation home you’re planning, we can create a relaxing atmosphere while maximizing sleeping space and maintaining privacy.

Services include:

  • Single-Family
  • Multi-Family
  • Pole Barn Homes
  • Barndominimums
  • SIP & ICF Homes
  • Feasibility Studies

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